What is Hotel Insight?

Let me explain.  I am passionate about hotels, hospitality and travel.  As such, I’ve spent all of my career working in a variety of roles within the travel industry.  Hotel Insight is my way of sharing my passion with others.  My enthusiasm for hotels, technology and the internet has enabled me to discover ways to empower hoteliers to innovate and do business.

This is my own blog and has no connection with any company.  I use my blog to talk about a variety of topics with the aim of helping hoteliers and marketers understand and adopt the latest technology and best practices as well as provide  a resource for discussion.

So what do I talk about?  The core focus is hotels, and anything that affects hotels today, including online marketing, social media, hotel distribution, reputation management, the latest technology, new concepts, start-up’s and of course hotel property news and industry trends.

Of course, my interests don’t just stop at hotels, but in travel more widely with a key focus on travel technology, so expect to see plenty of coverage there too.

Don’t be surprised to find personal posts, tweets and photos.  Hotel Insight is my space, my views and my opinions.  It’s my way of sharing ideas and commenting on what I see.  Sure it’s dominated by posts about the world of hotels, but you could easily find yourself reading about a great wine I’ve tasted, a book that I’ve really enjoyed reading, my travels… anything!  This is my space 🙂

My other interests include travel, great food, wine, technology, gadgets, sports including football and squash, blogging and networking.

All that leaves me to say is ‘contribute, engage and discuss’ – please do interact with me, connect with me and leave your comments.

Best Wishes,



P.S – Hotel Insight has actually been going for some years now, but only around one years worth of posts are displayed on the blog.  To look back further at the huge number of posts that have been published, use the search box or cloud tags on the homepage, or scroll down and search by month in the drop-down.  

One thought on “About

  1. Simon, I have read your blog for the last 4 years and it’s turned into my bible of all things hospitality, internet and business. Thank you for the great content, posts and for the occasional laugh along the way. Keep it coming!

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