Travelodge launch “cosmic night sky panorama” hotel rooms

header_logoI just read the news announced last week by Travelodge that in what they claim to be a UK first, the budget hotel brand has launched a hotel room which features a cosmic ceiling night sky panorama, with the aim to help their customers get a good night’s sleep.

The bespoke night sky room has been created by artistically transforming a standard white ceiling into a cosmic sky which features shooting stars, milky ways and constellations of twinkling stars via a unique paint – which absorbs and retains natural daylight.  During the day the ceiling looks like any standard white room ceiling but as darkness falls the ceiling magically transforms into a cosmic night sky – which cleverly lasts until dawn.  This idea has been created as a direct response from the company’s latest sleep study in which the chain surveyed some 2,000 adults in order to investigate the nation’s most desirable sleeping locations.  Delving a little deeper into the nation’s fascination with stars the study also found that over a half of Britons (52%) think there is something very magical about a starry night (although if quite the same can be said for experiencing this inside a budget hotel room can be achieved, I’ll let you decide).

Shakila Ahmed from Travelodge commented: “As part of our commitment in helping to ensure our customers attain a good night’s sleep, we are constantly looking at innovative sleep aids. Therefore in response to our latest sleep study, which highlighted Britons most desirable place to nod off is under a blanket of stars, we took the challenge and created the ultimate outdoor sleeping experience indoors. Now our customers can gaze into a cosmic night sky of shooting stars, milky ways and constellations of twinkling stars from the comfort of their warm cosy bed.”

Chris Idzikowski, Director of Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said: “This new innovation can help towards attaining a good night’s sleep. The way it works supports our natural sleep / wake cycle. In darkness our brain’s (pineal gland) releases melatonin, the hormone of darkness which supports sleep.  Whilst dawn light is very important for keeping the biological clock ticking to the right time.  The Travelodge night sky room replicates the natural environment which our ancestors would have experienced in the savannah grasslands during the evolution of human sleep patterns.”

Further findings from the sleep study revealed that 28% of British adults would love to sleep under the stars every night because it would help them to nod off easily.  Whilst one in ten Britons would love to transform their bedroom ceiling to a starry night sky so that they can achieve a good night’s sleep.

The Travelodge cosmic night sky panorama hotel room is available at the following hotels:

  • Birmingham Bull Ring Travelodge
  • Blackpool South Shore Travelodge
  • Bournemouth Seafront Travelodge
  • Bristol Central Mitchell Lane Travelodge
  • Cardiff Atlantic Wharf Travelodge
  • Edinburgh Central Waterloo Travelodge
  • Liverpool Strand Travelodge
  • London City Road Travelodge
  • Manchester Central Arena Travelodge
  • Newcastle Central Travelodge
  • Newquay Travelodge
  • Torquay Travelodge

What I find strange is that I have been unable to find or book one of these rooms via the Travelodge website.  I have search for several of the hotels offering these rooms and can find no description of this offering in the general hotel information of in the rooms and rates tabs.  This leads me to wonder if these rooms are avaialble at an extra supplement, and if so, how much.

Please let me know if you experience one of these new rooms, we’d love to hear what you think and how well you slept.  Please leave your feedback in the comments section of this post.


2 thoughts on “Travelodge launch “cosmic night sky panorama” hotel rooms

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  2. I love reading your articles.

    This one caught my eye as in fact, we have been using astral projection planetariums in our apartments for over a year! An idea I personally introduced.

    Just what you’d expect from TripAdvisor’s number 1 hotel.

    Kind regards,
    Ian MacLennan
    Duty Manager
    The Chester Residence
    Scottish Hotel of the Year 2012

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