Worried about how to optimse your hotel on OTA websites? Trivago offer a helping hand

I was interested to hear that Trivago, the  largest hotel price comparison and information website, will be holding a webinar for hoteliers to introduce the ‘Trivago Hotel Gateway’ and give an insight into how a hotelier can optimise their online presence.  I found this particularly interesting as I’m often asked how a hotel can control, change and  improve their reputation and increase bookings on OTA websites such as Trivago.  Hoteliers often feel powerless to change content that OTA’s are displaying and are desperate for a way to do so more easily, so I think it’s a great idea for Trivago to start such an initiative.

Put simply, the premise of this webinar is to invite hoteliers , both from small independent properties and hotel chains, to attend an online seminar to equip them with the knowledge needed to optimise their hotel’s listing on the Trivago, covering the main functions of the ‘Hotel Gateway’ portal, such as uploading new photos, writing a description of the hotel and responding to a customer review.

Trivago attract over 18 million unique visitors to per month so you can see just how important it is for a hotel to ensure that they’re giving the best representation and perception of their property as possible.  The webinar will also include information on the importance of having a comprehensive and up-to-date listing in order to attract customers and the importance of online reputation and how a hotelier can monitor and improve it on Trivago.

Of course, this may be a Trivago initiative, but much of the information that will be given I am sure will apply to multiple OTA’s so this is a real opportunity for you to gain a greater understanding of how this part of hotel distribution works and what you can actively do to help your property shine amongst so many hotel results.

This event takes place on the morning of the 7th November and you can register for free by clicking here.

Over the last few years, Trivago have really grown and become one of Europe’s most well-known online travel brands.  You may have seen their recent TV campaigns (show below) as the company really try and grow their name against the established names of Booking.com and Expedia.

Trivago is a pure search engine – they don’t actually sell anything – in my view, they aggregate hotel content from different sources, combine the result sin a powerful search tool and they direct you to the best place to make the booking.  They only show prices that hotels offer on the own websites or third part booking websites are already charging if you visited them directly, Trivago purely bring all of this together.  Trivago make their money with a kind of advertising fee, and are proud to say that they do not offer any promotional space – they stay independent (a real key selling point for the travel shopper, if you ask me).  Clearly the technology strategy that Trivago have in place has to be highly sophisticated – with prices changing every minute and room rates and availability varying from day to day its a tough business to be in, so I’m hoping that this webinar enlightens us a little more on how they are doing this effectively.  What we do know is that Trivago’s live search tools scans over a hundred different hotel booking sites for information (prices, availability, images, reviews etc.) within seconds.  Here’s the impressive stats – With close to a million searches a day, Trivago classifies, structures and compares roughly 5 billion hotel deals a day.

For those who can’t attend but are interested in this initiative, Hotel Insight will be in attendance and will report the key takeaways on this blog.


3 thoughts on “Worried about how to optimse your hotel on OTA websites? Trivago offer a helping hand

  1. Great post – I had no idea how Trivago worked, thanks for sharing this. The webinar sounds like a superb idea from Trivago – more OTAs should at least try to give a damn about the poor old hotelier and make thins easier.

  2. This sounds like a very interesting session – particularly as my hotels picked up on a GDS connection – would love to hear how I can better manage my OTA appearance. Thanks also for profiling Trivago – I had no idea how they worked.

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