Meet Trover, one of my favourite travel apps

This week I wanted to share with you one of my favourite apps that I have been using more and more in recent months.  Trover allows you to join thousands of travel explorers who love to find and share hidden gems from all over the world.  Quite simply, this great application allows you to search locally search and discover what’s around you through images.  I’ve had Trover installed on my Android for almost a year now, but only in the last few months have I really started to use the tool and contribute (probably something to do with an increase in travel).

Essentially, the app uses your phones GPS to locate where you are and provide a photo wall of different contributions from near where you are.  For instance, I could be in central London and I will see different contributions from the city, such as Buckingham Palace, Green Park and the Changing of the Guards, right up to photos of shops, restaurants, bars and hotels – anything that people have contributed from the area to share with fellow users.  It’s a great way to discover a new city and give you ideas on things to go and visit.  You really can immerse yourself in photo discoveries streaming from explorers around the world.  You can also build practical lists of things you’d like to see someday, from new restaurants, sites and any local culture to build a catalogue of inspirations for your next trip.

What’s great about Trover is that this is a live, location-based service that you can use on your mobile device, or on desktop.  Take a look, this is a really good app.  For a long time I’ve installed various travel apps out of curiosity and been disappointed.  So many I feel don’t solve or simplify a problem or bring anything new.  Trover is a marked exception to this rule.

I find that when I’m travelling, either for holidays or on business, discovering hidden gems and new places is often the most rewarding part of travel.  Sharing these really gives me pleasure (anyone I have sat and shared travel photos with for hours on end will back me up on this).  That’s essentially why I like Trover, because when I’m in a new city and discover something I instantly fall in love with, I can share it through a simple photo.  Photos are inspiring.  Look at the popularity of Pinterest and Instagram – photo sharing is an incredibly popular and effective way of sharing news, products and ideas and Trover brings this notion to the travel space.  Here’s their promotional video.  Happy sharing!


3 thoughts on “Meet Trover, one of my favourite travel apps

  1. I really like Trover too, but in smaller cities I find not much new content is uploaded by users. I am as guilty as any as I tend to use Trover a lot, but have never contributed. This must be the single biggest challenge of any such app. I wonder what’s Trover’s adoption strategy is?

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