TripAdvisor launches widget to allow hoteliers to collect reviews on their own website

TripAdvisor have announced a brand new widget added to their TripAdvisor for Business collection, this one taking review collection to a different level.  The new tool allows hoteliers to collect TripAdvisor reviews directly on their own website.  Simply install the widget (you can see TripAdvisor’s handy video all about this below) and you have an embedded TripAdvisor branded form direct on your homepage to ask visitors to review your property.

Christine Petersen, President of TripAdvisor for Business commented “TripAdvisor’s new Full Review Form tool helps businesses collect more reviews and opinions right from their own websites and make this feedback available before our large community of travellers.  Research shows that 81 per cent of travellers find user reviews important when determining which hotel to stay at during their trip, and nearly half won’t book a property if it doesn’t have reviews on sites like TripAdvisor.”

Here you can see the Hotel Bellevue taking advantage of the new TripAdvisor functionality.

I am sure will be met with a very different response from different areas of the industry.  It’s no secret that some hoteliers hate TripAdvisor and the thought of giving their guests an even easier option to leave a review would not be welcome.  At almost every industry conference I have attended, when the poor chap from TripAdvisor walks on stage, hoteliers boo him (poor guy!).  However, I do believe that aside from all of the usual authenticity issues surrounding traveller reviews of TripAdvisor, a lot of hoteliers see the value in having a platform for both good and bad comments.  Being open and transparent would to me create a good impression.  I also think that the shere volume of reviews means that you have to be realistic.  A traveller is going to leave reviews online.  They are also going to read reviews before they book.  So why not let them do both these things on your own website, rather than on someone else’s.  Get that booking direct – be open and transparent.  Of course for a hotel, the key is how you manage these reviews.  I’m going to put together a ‘top 10’ guideline to this soon.

For more information, you can visit the TripAdvisor FAQ website here.


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