The Waldorf Hilton steps back in time to offer guests something unique

I am always talking about a hotels ability to tell a story and to think of new and creative ways to interact with guests and drive people through the door.  This week, I heard that The Waldorf Hilton is stepping back in time to offer guests a contemporary twist on the Argentine Tango teas that the hotel was famous for in the early 1900s.

Celebrating 100 years since the Argentine Tango was performed at The Waldorf Hilton, the hotel is launching the Tango Supper.  Starting on 8th July, every month (excluding August and September) through 2012, The Waldorf Hilton will host its Tango Supper in the hotel’s English Heritage protected, Palm Court, the very room that inspired the ballroom of the Titanic.

Upon arrival guests can enjoy a complimentary glass of Fantinel Rose before a 45 minute dance class with Argentine Tango professionals, Leonardo Acosta and Tracey Tyack-King, who have a combined teaching experience of 48 years.  Leonardo comes from a traditional Argentinean family and was introduced to the Argentine Tango from the age of seven when his father taught tango in Buenos Aires. Tracey has danced most of her life and has a background of Ballet, Ballroom and Latin American dance.

Following the dance lesson, guests will be treated to the Tango Essence cocktail. Created by mixologist, Daniel Carvalho, at the hotel’s Good Godfrey’s bar, the cocktail is a blend of Martin Miller’s Gin, Mandarin Napoleon, forest tea, fresh lemon juice, vanilla sugar and a dash of rose water.

Guests will then sit down to a dinner whilst Leonardo and Tracey take centre stage in Palm Court and perform their Argentine Tango, inviting diners to take to the floor as well. After an evening of fine food and exquisite dance, guests can retire to their room at The Waldorf Hilton for an overnight stay and breakfast the following morning.

The UK’s first performance of the Argentine Tango took place in 1910 at the Gaiety Theatre across the road from The Waldorf Hilton and caused an overnight sensation. The dance quickly gained popularity and The Waldorf Hilton was one of the first venues to host Tango Teas – teaching London the sultry moves of this iconic dance.

For further information visit – the Tango Supper ultimate package includes an overnight stay, two-course dinner, tango dance lesson and breakfast package and is priced at £390 for two people.

Keeping your property busy comes from driving extra revenues by bringing new ideas to the table – make a statement and attract guests.  Okay, so not every hotel has the history of this one and can put on such a display, but no matter how small your hotel is, play to your strengths, be original and be creative.  Tell a story and let your guests know what your all about.



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