TripAdvisor launches Tingo – with a unique concept for giving you your money back…

As you may have seen, TripAdvisor (under their brand of Smarter Travel Media) recently launched with quite a different message to other online hotel booking sites – a promise to automatically re-book your room if the room rate falls and automatically refunds you the difference.

Tingo claim on their website that in the last 30 days 461 hotels in Paris saw a price drop, 267 in London and 220 in New York – so you can see why this would be attractive for travellers.

And I think that’s the key to any new hotel booking engine launching – it has to be different to the dominant players like and Expedia.  It has to offer the traveller something that no one else can – and what better way to target customers than by promising to give them money back.

As with some other new hotel booking sites we’ve seen this year, it seems to only be aimed at the American markets to start with as all prices are displayed in US dollars.



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