Staying the easyHotel way

I decided during a recent few days spent in London on business, to try a hotel I’ve always wanted to stay in.  A brand that gets talked about a lot – sometimes positively, and sometimes negatively.  Alas, on this occasion, it was not a yearning to stay in a trendy five-star boutique hotel (of which London seems to have an abundance of!), but to stay at an easyHotel.  Yep, you heard me right.  Two posts down, I’m reviewing the five stay Jumeirah Carlton Tower – now, easyHotel Victoria.

The easyHotel model is simple.  Bookings are taken online, and content is not distributed through other channels, meaning total control over revenues.  This allows easyHotel to fully control their rates and keep prices down.  If course, the easyHotel concept doesn’t suit everyone.  Yes, you have unbelievably cheaply priced hotels in central city locations, but the standard of accommodation reflects this.  And it’s this point I wanted to experience for myself.

I chose the easyHotel Victoria.  Great location and great price, £45 for a night in London is incredibly good value.  There are various room options to choose from (all are pretty basic), so I decided on budget – a “small room without window”.  Memories of the Belgravia Suite in my previous post now becoming a distant memory.  Included in the room are towels and bedding – that’s really about it.  Basic to say the least.  Entering the room, it hits you just how small it is – enough room for a bed to be wedged between two walls and a tiny all in one bathroom.  But, I am not complaining – it was perfect in its own way.

This leads me onto my main point.  easyHotel, in my opinion, get a little rough press.  Take a look at TripAdvisor, and it’s a mixed bag – and the com one complaints?  Size of room.  I simply don’t understand this.  easyHotel are incredibly clear on their website, even clearly defining the actual size of guest bedrooms.  The phrase “does exactly what it says on the tin” springs to mind.

What I do find surprising, is come close to the mark this hotel chain are pushing other budget operators.  Okay, so easyHotel don’t yet have the coverage of companies like Travelodge ( 8 UK properties against Travelodge’s 466) but imagine if they did.  But what do I mean?  Well, the price is far less in most instances that the average rate of a brand like Travelodge, but your still getting more for your money on a basic stay.  For example, Travelodge do not provide soap or shower gel.  easyHotel do.  Simple things like this add value.  Of course, you have swings and roundabouts.  easyHotel will make you pay extra for your room being cleaned should you wish it freshened up if staying for more than a night, as well as charging extra to watch TV in your room.  But in all honestly, you have to weigh it up.

When I booked my stay in London, I looked at a comparable Travelodge property.  easyHotel = £48.  Travelodge = £109.80.

If you need a room that you’re not going to spend much time in, just somewhere to sleep, I can thoroughly recommend easyHotel for cleanliness, location and price.


One thought on “Staying the easyHotel way

  1. I absolutely agree. When we moved back to Zurich two years ago, we stayed in a tiny apartment for the first 6 weeks, while waiting for the container with our furniture to arrive from NY, so when my parents came to visit, we didn’t have any place for them to stay. They got a room at the Easy Hotel in Zurich, and they said exactly what you said: the room is tiny, barely space to put the luggage; but since for the entire weekend they spent the whole day with us (either out and about or at our place) and only needed somewhere to sleep and shower, the EasyHotel was just fine.

    “does exactly what it says on the tin” hehe 😀

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