A BBQ Master-Class at the Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel

I spent my Saturday afternoon at a BBQ Master-Class event at the Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.  I had been invited to attend this bloggers event, the first of it’s kind, primarily to raise awareness of both the property and of the Terrace facility they have on offer to both residents and non-residents.   It was a fantastic event and can now truly call myself a BBQ expert!

Jumeirah have had a very busy year to date, and have held a whole host of events to celebrate their 50th birthday at the neighbouring property, the Jumeirah Carlton Tower, including the ‘Fabulous At Fifty” party, attended by numerous famous faces who have an affiliation with the hotel, including John Cleese and Sir Sterling Moss.

The Jumeirah Lowndes is a boutique style property located in the upmarket area of Knightsbridge, a short walk from Harrods and the designer stores of Gucci and Jimmy Choo.  Actually, the reason I’ve always liked this London hotel is that despite being part of Jumeirah, a hotel chain we automatically associate with huge hotels in Dubai, this hotel is unique.  Yes, the Jumeirah style and branding is evident.  But this hotel retains a small world charm, no more so evident than in the Terrace.  In my opinion, this area of the hotel adds superb value – it’s quiet, secluded and a wonderful spot to escape the bustle of London and relax with good food (especially in the sunshine!).

The Terrace was the venue for the BBQ Master-Class, and luckily, the weather obliged with a sunny one.  Hosted by Head Chef Martin Gabler, several bloggers from the world of food and travel were invited to learn the true art of the BBQ, with lessons from our South African born Head Chef.  Martin’s very passionate about his food and the art of a great BBQ and duly obliged to reveal the secrets behind some of the hotels most popular dishes his team serves on the Terrace, including some amazing chicken kebab, king prawns, steaks, lamb kofta, and of course, amazing (and famous) home-made burgers.

It was great to learn about various marinades for meat dishes, including a delicious BBQ sauce and one of my favourites, Piri Piri.  Take a look at some of the photos of the dishes on display, and of the group of bloggers getting our hands dirty making burgers too!

Delicious king prawns with a coriander and chilli marinade.

The humongous chicken kebab – incredibly tender, and well worth the price as your literally getting more chicken than you can eat!

Getting our hands dirty. Delicious burgers, I even made them when I got home!

To finish: Chocolate Fondant – the best I’ve ever tasted.

So as you can probably tell, I can whole heartedly recommend dining at the Terrace, Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel.  Of course, holding this kind of event is a great way to raise awareness of your hotel and its facilities, as well as bringing in another revenue stream.   Thanks to all who arranged a great Master-Class.  I must go…. I need to prepare my marinade for my own master-class in the garden!


2 thoughts on “A BBQ Master-Class at the Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel

  1. Wow, certainly looks tasty mate!
    In all seriousness, it’s value added services and being able to attract extra revenue which keeps hotels open. I’m sure Jumeirah don’t have these problems to worry about, but when we opened up our little old bar to the public, it became a very valuable revenue source.

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