Using Twitter to add value to your guests experience

In such a competitive marketplace, hotels have to stand out from the crowd, not only to attract customers, but to retain them, whilst ensuring that they not only come back to stay with you, but pass a good story on to their friends.  Using social media channels is the perfect way to create a connection with a prospective guest or customer, but this has to be thought about clearly.  Too often I see hotels mis-using social channels and instead of conversing with customers, they frustrate them and drive them away from connecting.

Twitter is at the very heart of this.  Hotels that purely send out special offers and promotions quickly find people hitting the unfollow button.  Twitter should be about creating a personality for your hotel or brand and engaging with people, and making sure they know what you’re doing.  For me, there is one perfect example of how hotels have been inventive with Twitter and done exactly that, and it’s the Hyatt Concierge.

Hyatt have been very clever and even been the pioneer of the online concierge service.  Quite simply, they have created a Twitter account called @HyattConcierge as a way to interact with guests and provide all the services of the hotel concierge desk over Twitter.

And it’s working fantastically well.  With over 16,500 followers, you can see guests interacting with Hyatt on all kinds of levels.  From recommendations for restaurants nearby to their hotels, to post check-out comments on service and suggestions.  This has opened a whole new way for guests to communicate with Hyatt.

Remember, this is not new.  I’m not telling you about a brand new concept.  This account has been in existence for a number of years and is widely used.  It just goes to show that you can truly add value to your guests experience in such a simple way.  Think outside the box, think about what you customers want, then find a way to do it – before they disengage altogether.


2 thoughts on “Using Twitter to add value to your guests experience

  1. Very thought provoking post Simon. Certainly made me think about what my team are sending out on Twitter. I’m not publishing my hotel groups name (sorry!) but actually, when I looked, 90% of our tweets were offers. And we have seen a steady decline in guests un-following us.
    Thanks again – you may have just saved us (even if we are not ready to offer Twitter Concierge!).

    • Thanks Stephen, very kind words. Don’t worry, we won’t disclose your business name. But I am glad you’ve looked at what your account is looking like. You don’t have to start a new concept or be ultra-inventive. But guests want to know what your hotel personality is – what’s going on, the latest news, local events etc. Just keep it simple.
      All the best, Simon

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