Is Room 77 possibly the best new concept out there?

Room 77 is an inspiring new business concept which could really shake up the way we shop for a hotel.  If you’ve not heard of this concept, I encourage you to check it out now.  In summary, Room 77 is about letting you purchase your hotel room with added knowledge, the type of information you’ve perhaps always wanted to know, but had no way of finding.  If your staying in a hotel, chances are you will have no idea which room your actually staying in, even if you’ve paid for a specific category, until you arrive and your rooms been allocated.  What Room 77 does is let you take a look at a hotel, set preferences and instantly see which room numbers at that property best suit your need.  See the view from the window of specific rooms, check how far you are from an elevator… simple things such as this that can make a big difference to the consumer when choosing a hotel to stay in.

The video below sees Brad Gerstner, the founder and chairman of Room 77, speak about his company at the Launch Conference, held at the San Francisco Design Centre back in February.  He gives a great and passionate overview of his concept and show’s how it works.


2 thoughts on “Is Room 77 possibly the best new concept out there?

  1. This is such a cool way to shop for a hotel room! I mean, how often have you been disappointed when you booked the all important “sea view room” and actually, when you arrive, all you see is trees and other parts of your hotel from the window! Very useful indeed, I’ll be pleased if Room 77 manage to expand this across the pond!

  2. Can you imagine the impact this technology could have if someone like Expedia bought Room 77? It would totally change the way people buy hotel rooms. I’m not sure the average hotel would be keen on Room 77 concept – when a hotels occupancy is high, your only going to see the “bad” rooms… lets see how this pans out. I’m predicting a big sell out to a giant.

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