Premier Inn announce ‘floating bedroom’ in new Leicester Square property

You may remember in a previous post that it was announced thatPremier Inn had acquired space for development in London’s Leicester Square, seen as a big coop for the UK’s biggest hotel chain. Well today I noticed the press release (sorry, it was back on the 5th May) about the plans Premier Inn had for this new hotel, and their ‘floating bedroom’ concept.

I’ll let Premier Inn explain this below, far better than I could, however essentially given the location and prime space the new hotel will occupy, and being located above existing retail space, they’ve gone for a very clever approach to engineering the guest rooms.  Construction work is expected to start later this month and the hotel is scheduled to open in February 2012.  The following text is taken from the official press release:

“The hotel, in London’s entertainment heart at number 1 Leicester Square, will feature 84 bedrooms which ‘float’ on thick engineered neoprene pads so that noise from the Square and a nightclub below does not disturb guests.  The innovative bedroom design has been created by an expert team of acoustic engineers, architects and construction specialists.

Each room will be formed from an independent box with no contact with the neighbouring rooms or hallway.  Acoustic linings to the walls and ceilings will provide sound insulation between bedrooms; building services are isolated; and windows will have quadruple glazing.

Premier Inn has spent six months perfecting the design to ensure it meets the standards set by the company’s ‘Good Night Guarantee’.  Two trial bedrooms – one with a timber frame and a second with a metal frame – have been built at the site and studies have been undertaken to establish their performance.

As part of the tests, the Premier Inn team weighed the whole bedroom to ensure the optimum compression of the isolation pads – including everything used in the construction, from the 5,000 nails to the bathroom tile adhesive.  

The results from the two trial bedrooms indicate that noise levels will be significantly better than the standards recommended by the World Health Organisation, which are generally adopted as the industry standard.  Premier Inn has selected the metal frame design as this represents the most effective construction solution.

Patrick Dempsey, Whitbread Managing Director, said: “Our floating bedroom is a major innovation in hotel design and means we can now bring Premier Inn to fantastic locations such as Leicester Square and to other sites where outside noise could be an issue.  The success of the floating bedroom design is great news for all of our guests.  It means we can be confident about guaranteeing a good night’s sleep even in the heart of one of the world’s liveliest and most celebrated entertainment centres.”

Very interesting concept, in what I am sure will be another big success, especially given the location. You’ll probably remember the hype around Leicester Square’s other big hotel opening – the W Hotel. What a difference in brands… from luxury 5 star to budget Premier Inn (although given the London rates,I don’t think they can be classed as budget any longer).  It will be interested to see how Premier Inn work the PR and build up to the hotels opening – we saw W London really make a big noise in a very exuberant way – let’s see how this pans out.




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