Inside Ibis bedrooms

As so many readers of my blog are from the other side of the Pond, I get a lot of questions about the budget hotel brands in the UK.  Premier Inn, Travelodge, Ibis, EasyHotel to name but a few.  Well over the past few months I have stayed at many of these, and will try to post as many videos / comments as I can.  For those that are interested, here’s a video of a standard room at the Ibis London Euston St Pancras.

I think Accor’s budget brand Ibis gets some unfair press – yes it’s budget, but this hotel is easily a 3 star hotel, with pleasant service, clean rooms, and even a decent size for London hotels!  Coupled with being in a prime location in central London, I’d recommend it every time.

Remember, I try to load as many videos of hotels I visit on the Hotel Insight You Tube channel (click here) so keep an eye out for them – I also comment a lot through my Twitter account on my travels (I don’t always stay budget either!).


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