Hotels and Groupon

Although we’ve spoken about Groupon on the Hotel Insight blog a little in the past, I probably haven’t given it as much coverage as I’d like or should have.  This is something that I’ll dedicate some time to in the near future.  Groupon is growing.  No longer is it just associated with the US or just massive cities like London… it’s really expanded and I find myself checking the site most days to see if there are any good deals I could buy.  I don’t live in London, so that does limit some of the fantastic opportunities there are, I admit that.  But more and more I find more local offerings.  I see hotel deals appearing in the major cities with great regularity, and even today, I saw something near me, in let’s say a more rural city than London.









I think at the moment, people associate Groupon, especially in the UK, with beauty treatments, restaurant deals and fashion, but there is more to it than that.  If you’re a hotel, this is a great channel to expose your brand.  Not only will people take notice of the offer, but it will drive traffic to your website.  Remember, they may not take the deal, but they have the name, a first impression, and your web site to refer back to in the future.  The key to running a successful hotel if filling rooms and making sure you maximise each revenue opportunity.  As we say an awful lot on this blog, you can not discount any social media online channel.  This includes Groupon.  Take it seriously, because your competitors will be.

P.S – check out the hotel in this deal.  The Ship, located in Chichester, West Sussex is a lovely property.  Well done for utilising Groupon.   My only observation – good website, lots of detail, great photos and a good product – but now social media at all!


2 thoughts on “Hotels and Groupon

  1. I look forward to reading more from you on Groupon. As a small, independent hotel, Groupon kind of frightens me. I am only just starting out in online marketing and up and running with Twitter, a blog etc and it’s going well. Groupon is scary. It’s really hard to get clear information on the best way to use the tool – or make a decision on if it’s for my hotel.

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