News: Travelport enters strategic cooperation with Hotelzon

Travelport  has announced a multi-year cooperation deal with corporate online hotel booking company, Hotelzon International which will see the provider integrate its online booking tool with Travelport technology and hotel content to provide richer choice as well as streamline sales and booking processes for its travel agents and corporates.

Hotelzon comprise a portfolio of over 100,000 hotels worldwide, offering live availability, rate information and instant booking functionality to its 15,000 client base.  Through this new agreement, Hotelzon will connect via Travelport’s Universal API™ directly to the Galileo platform thereby fully integrating GDS hotel content as well as supporting agent’s mid and back office processes.

“This agreement strengthens Hotelzon’s service offering which enables joint customers to process bookings more efficiently. Our booking volumes will increase dramatically, and such a multi-portal also creates a significant inventory of GDS and non-GDS properties that are available to our joint travel agency customers. We look forward to expanding our business through our partnership with the leading travel service provider, Travelport.” Said Jani Kaskinen, CEO at Hotelzon International.

Customers of both Hotelzon and Travelport will now seamlessly connect with a booking solutions platform enriched with hotel content from both Hotelzon and Travelport and supported by a streamlined back office processing system.

Jérôme Moisan, Travelport Country Manager for the UK, added: “The launch of our industry-changing Universal API last year has enabled a new level of collaboration with important local travel companies. Our joint solution with Hotelzon, a leading hotel solution provider for corporates and travel agents is an excellent example and will see Hotelzon and Travelport collaborate to provide advanced choice and value for agents.”


One thought on “News: Travelport enters strategic cooperation with Hotelzon

  1. That’s a big deal for Travelport. Unless things have changed, I have to wonder how it happened. My experience with using Gal for 15 years, was average. Especially when it comes to hotels. When we moved over to Amadeus we found the hotel content to be vastly superior, along with the product offering. Not sure about API, maybe that’s why.

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