TV Trip – The Hotel Videoguide

This week I wanted to share with you a very different hotel booking website, TVtrip.  This is a great concept and I recommend you check it out for yourself.  The basic principle is that every hotel the website offer comes complete with a video.  And not just a video submitted by the hotel – but video taken by TVtrip, which includes an overview of the property and all of the room types.  TVtrip displays videos of all hotel facilities and room categories, as well as detailed information and videos about the surrounding area.  See, I told you this was different!

Created in 2007, this is still a fairly new business, but certainly meets the modern-day demands of travellers.  Video Content.  This is fast becoming the medium that travel shoppers want to find and select hotels by, and what makes TVtrip even more appealing is that all the videos are made by their team – which creates greater trust and transparency than just watching something a PR company have put together for a hotel.  TVtrip also offer a vast range of videos to choose from, with over 37,000.

Here’s what TVtrip say about their service: “Who hasn’t felt a bit lost trying to pick a hotel, with little information and no visuals to help? Or disappointed by a hotel room that doesn’t live up to the impression it made when it was reserved? We created to give people a true, objective idea of a hotel before making a reservation we like to show you everything so that you can check out your hotel before you check-in. We do not alter the videos in any way and all our videos have been shot by TVtrip professionals rather than by the hotels themselves. We also include videos of local attractions such as restaurants and landmarks alongside other local information, as well as guest reviews to help you make the right hotel choice for you.”

In my opinion, video is quickly becoming a must have in the hotel world.  Consumers want to see virtual tours and videos of properties before they travel.  The same is true of hotel review websites like TripAdvisor – the internet has brought about a new way of shopping, and with video the possibilities are endless.  TVTrtp upload independent videos of the properties they are selling, but if you’re a hotel, think about the power a video could do your brand.  giving people a taste of what you have on offer, or giving your staff the chance to tell the world why your property is so perfect.  It’s a powerful tool and I can see websites such as TVtrip going from strength to strength.


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