How many of you have used TripIt?  The free service that collates all of your travel confirmations and forms a nice easy itinerary for you to view on your mobile phone.  I hadn’t tried it until recently, but actually, I was quite impressed so thought I’d share my experience with you, just in case it’s the tool you have all been waiting for!

TripIt’s video demonstration can explain better than I, but it’s really simple.  Forward all your travel confirmations to the TripIt email address (once your account’s set up) and then view your trips on your mobile!  Simple!

Let me know if you have tried this service and what you think!


4 thoughts on “TripIt

  1. Its a very handy tool, but I do prefer to use checkmytrip which I can access when my travel dept book my business trips.

  2. I only used TripIt once. I set up an account and found the initial log-in process of BlackBerry quite difficult as your directed away from the app and so another webpage. After that its fine though. However, for my first trip I send the flight details no problem, but sent over my hotel confirmation (from a GDS) but it could not work with it, so I ended up with an incomplete trip.

    • @ Kerry, @ Laura, thanks for your comments. I’m only using the free service at the moment, but am debating paying the money to upgrade. The flight status information and management side looks pretty good, but not sure if anyone can tell me how good it really is?

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