The Virgin Hotel Brand

I couldn’t let the week go by without commenting on the news we heard from Virgin this week, with the company entering the hotel market with their own brand of four-star hotels.

For anyone that didn’t see the trade press coverage, The Virgin Group have announced they plan on launching a four-star hotel brand, starting with properties in North America.  It’s thought that around 25 properties are in scope, each with between 150 and 400 rooms, and Virgin say that the common theme of their hotels will be a  “contemporary style and great functionality, an efficient yet personalised experience, ample communal space and a signature restaurant”.

Interesting move from Virgin, but I have wondered for a long time why they haven’t taken this step.  The Virgin brand is so strong and there is a real customer loyalty to those booking package holidays from their Holiday division, that is makes perfect sense to keep all of the supply chain internal and maximise revenue.

For more information, visit the new Virgin Hotels website:


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