Setting an example : Urban Beach Hotel

Social media marketing can be a powerful tool, particularly for hotels trying to reach new guests and find new ways to remain competitive in a tough market.  Recently on Twitter, I had some great conversations with the guys from Urban Beach Hotel in Bournemouth, UK.  This got me thinking about what this hotel are doing, and they are really getting it right.  Afterall, without Twitter, how would we both be connecting?  Ok, so they have a fantastic product, but reaching guests is difficult, especially in these tough market conditions.

So, I had a closer look, and wanted to share with you a little about this property and what they are doing to market their hotel.  It’s an interesting proposal, so coming in the next few days Hotel Insight will talk to Urban Beach directly and bring you an exclusive interview.  In the mean time, here’s a loom at the Urban Beach Hotel.

The Urban Beach is situated in the seaside south coast town of Bournemouth, UK.  This is an award winning boutique hotel and within five minutes walking distance to the beach. The hotel features a modern bistro and boasts a menu that sources fresh and seasonal ingredients from local suppliers.

“Whether you are looking for a Bournemouth hotel with a warm welcome and exceptional customer service in comfortable surroundings, or a lovely meal with a professionally prepared cocktail, then the Urban Beach is the hotel for you”.

The following is taken from the Urban Beach Hotel website and really well describes the hotel experience.  “The Urban beach goes much further than any other hotel in Dorset, not just with its award winning Bournemouth accommodation; it also provides a contemporary lifestyle that has spared no expense in creating the unique feel of ‘home away from home’ whilst adding a touch of modern luxury within its ambience. The hotel recently won the awards ‘Best Small Hotel and Best Bar’ at the 2008 Bournemouth Tourism Awards for 2008″.

So that’s a little on the hotel itself, but what really made me look in more detail at this business is the simple ways we could make contact.  We chose Twitter, and they actually picked up on something I was tweeting about free wi-fi (surprise surprise I hear you say!).  On that note, they offer free wi-fi!

But it’s not just a Twitter presence – they write their own blog published on the website, and let me tell you, it’s worth reading.  They have captured the key to writing a blog about their hotel.  don’t rave about how wonderful their bedrooms are and how amazing the hotel is: choose a subject, relate it to the hotel by all means, but don’t over to the PR.  Urban beach also have a “meet the team” section, Facebook Page and the ability to book online. 

I found the whole website experience, use of social media and the property itself truly professional and of such good quality.  Check out their website for yourself, and Hotel Insight will bring you our interview soon.


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