Company Focus – Hotel Connect

In this edition of Company Focus we look at Hotel Connect – The Hotel Specialist!  HotelConnect are a company that have interested me for some time, and are well worth looking at in more detail.

Originally started in 1994, HotelConnect now sell over 2,500 hotels in over 200 destinations all over the world.  HotelConnect stand out from their competitors in many ways.  For instance, everyone who works for this company have to be hotel experts and be passionate about what they do, and the hotel industry they work in.  Everything HotelConnect do is to achieve one goal – “we want your hotel stay to be perfect”.  And they need to achieve this, as they are operating in one of the most competitive environments possible, with so many other bedbanks and online hotel booking websites in operation.

So how do they achieve this?  Well really, they take it back to basics (and other companies should follow this example): personally inspect hotels, handpick hotels for their location and qualities and “choose from the cream of the crop” whether it’s a budget hotel of ultimate luxury.  Everything is done with their customers in mind.

It’s also possible for customers to really get to know and learn to trust the people your booking with.  Simply visit the website and you can meet the team and learn all about the HotelConnect team.

HotelConnect also offer a “good night promise” (and no, it’s not a Premier Inn thing!) so if you need any help or need any assistance either during your stay or before, HotelConnect have a dedicated team to investigate everything for you.

HotelConnect are such an interesting company that Hotel Insight has been lucky enough to speak to them directly and our exclusive interview with Ian Ackland, Head of Product & Commercial at HotelConnect will be posted right here later this week.


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