Company Focus – TravelCube

In this company focus, we look at TravelCube, one of the major players in the hotel bedbank sector for the UK market.  As part of GTA, TravelCube provides a worldwide bookable inventory of over 35,000 hotel properties and 3,000 apartments and also offer transfers, tours, sightseeing and other ground services to their customers.

Serving travel agency customers only, TravelCube have established themselves as one of the most used hotel aggregators in the UK market and beyond.  But why?  Of course, there are other bedbanks out there who offer more hotel properties than this (although 35,000 is a good number!) and they all claim to have the cheapest rates, best commission options, and greater availability.  So why are TravelCube so successful?  One reason has to be the GTA link.  Being a division of this major name and indeed buyer has it’s up side, and they provide their customers with access to the extensive global content, all of which is directly negotiated with hotels, from their parent company GTA.  And when you look deeper, you find another link (which is no secret).  GTA is a subsidiary of Travelport.  So behind these two brands, you have one of the largest travel companies in the world.

So what do we know about their products?  Well, it’s extremely wide-ranging.  TravelCube really do provide something for everyone’s budget with hotel content being provided in all standards – low cost to five-star luxury, leisure and business locations, beach and ski hotels – there is great coverage of all areas of traveller demands.  The ability to also offer ground services sets them apart from some other bedbanks too, and it’s worth noting that TravelCube don’t just offer bog-standard services here either – there exists a fantastic choice of shared and private transfers, sightseeing excursions, private and group tours and various tourist attractions.

TravelCube also provide a very easy to use online booking tool, complete with “customer impressing tools” such as Online Travel Guides, Interactive City Maps, Currency Converter, 7 Day Weather Reports, Passport & Visa Information, Health Advice, Independent Hotel Reports, Pictures and Virtual Tours.  I also noticed looking at their webpage the integration of TripAdvisor – to my knowledge, not that many bedbanks have taken this step, as it can been seen as a little risky if you’re offereing low cost accommodation.

If you have experience of working with TravelCube, either on the bookings side, or being a hotel engaging with this brand, then please do leave comments and share your experiences.


One thought on “Company Focus – TravelCube

  1. Good post. I use TravelCube to make my pre-paid hotel reservations and have to say I can not fault them. Great range of hotel accommodation, easy to use res tool, very competitive rates and if I ever have a problem there is someone to talk to. I’ve experimeted with quite a few “bedbanks” such as, Chase and Transhotel and have to say that based on my own experiences, TravelCube have been by far the best.

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