Hotel Heaven – Recommendation from Hotel Insight

In this modern age where we are always talking about social media, digital marketing and the latest technology, I thought I’d actually take a step back and talk about something totally different, and recommend a book!  Yes, those paper things with lots of words (unless you have a Sony eBook Reader of course!).

Hotel Heaven, Confessions of a Luxury Hotel Addict, written by Matthew Brace, is a really good read and really is an eye-opening account of the travels and experiences of Matthew, a travel journalist in his pursuit of the truly luxury hotel.  This book has been around for a couple of years, so all your hotel enthusiasts may have already discovered this read, but for those who haven’t then do check it out – it’s a really good read and I can recommend it to anyone interested in hotels.


2 thoughts on “Hotel Heaven – Recommendation from Hotel Insight

  1. I second that – its a great read and is one of the only hotel specific travel books I’ve found and enjoyed.
    Having said that, Bill Bryson always makes me chuckle, but its not a good read on hotels!

    I also read your nite nite post with great interest as I actually stayted at the one and only Birmingham hotel. I was actually very impressed, both with the rate, extra inclusions and general welcoming feel.
    But totally agree – its being mis-marketed and what’s that booking engine about?? I had to call and book in the end.
    Cheers, David

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