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easyHotel are a very interesting addition to the budget hotel chain market, and offer something different to companies like Premier Inn and Travelodge.  Many a joke has been made about the low-cost carriers charging for everything possible (including the proposition of Ryanair wanting to charge for trips to the toilets!) however easyHotels are upfront with what you get.  Take a look at one of the properties and they are very honest and tell you the sizes of their room types (small is very small, often without a window) and yes, they do charge for extras, such as watching TV, luggage storage etc.

But, if you’re looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful to stay and the size of your room is of no concern to you, then easyHotel could be for you.  The pricing is simple – the earlier you book, the cheaper the room – exactly the same as the low-cost airline business model.  So, you can get some real bargains, with easyHotel London Victoria, easyHotel South Kensington and easyHotel Earl’s Court starting from just £24.50 per room per night!

So what could scare someone used to just a little luxury?  Well take a look at some of the room dimensions, for instance the easyHotel London Victoria;

  • Small Rooms – no window, 6-7 sq metres
  • Small Rooms – with window, 6-7 sq metres
  • Standard Rooms – no window, 7.2-9 sq metres
  • Standard Rooms – with window, 7.2-9 sq metres

So, a little tight on space and light!  But actually, when you look at the photos of the room and hotels, I think it’s fair to say that you get what you pay for – and what you get here seems to be a consistently clean and good standard of accommodation.

What I find refreshing about this chain, is that they are upfront and honest.  They are not hiding behind their name, or trying to hide away the finer detail of what you get, and this means guests already trust the brand, which is crucial for a hotel chain entering the budget arena.  They even have  a video tour on their website to show guests what to expect, and use social media to their advantage – Facebook, Twitter and You Tube all being utilised.

One other point of note is the partnership with, whose integration lets visitors to easyHotels website book not only easyHotel, but other hotel properties.

If anyone has experiences of easyHotel, if would be great to hear what you think, so please leave comments.


2 thoughts on “Company Focus – easyHotel

  1. Hi Simon, I actually never experienced an EasyJet hotel myself but I love the concept.
    Creating a unique hotel exeprience by doing more and charging more is not complicated. Everybody can do it.
    But creating a unique experience and keeping the guests happy by spending less and reducing it to what the guest actually needs is something only the gifted can achieve. It takes a lot of taste to develop a luxury hotel but it takes a lot of intelligence to develop a budget hotel concept.
    I’m not sure if everybody realises what it means to sleep in 8sqm room… The smallest I have personally experienced was 11sqm (in Hong Kong). The TV was coming out of the wall next to the bed.
    I wrote an article a while back about innovation in the industry and, to me, EasyJet is among the players that are challenging the status quo, for the better.
    Fabrice Burtin

    • Hi Fabrice, thanks as always for your comment. I certainly have never stayed in a hotel room that small, and I am tempted to book an easyHotel in the smallest room possible the next time I need to stay in London just to film the experience for the blog!

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