Nite Nite

I was looking today at a hotel chain called Nite Nite, who advertise themselves as “Cheap Hotels in Birmingham City Centre & London”.  I looked at their website for the first time and was impressed!  Especially to see the large banner advertising complimentary wi-fi (no surprises there for readers of this blog!), complimentary blockbuster movies and complimentary bottled water as standard – three things that add to a guest experience straight away.

The website has a good feel to it and I like the branding very much.  You really get a positive impression about the type of properties on offer.  But after a positive start with this company, I have to say I got very confused.  Now maybe this is just me, but I am none the wiser as to if this is a hotel chain, or one individual hotel.  As you know, the strapline talks about hotels in Birmingham and London, but nowhere on the website does it list these hotels.  It also talks solely about a hotel in Birmingham (not plural).  To try to discover what I could book, I clicked on the ‘Book Online Now’ icon.  If you try it, I am sure you will be as shocked as me as to the booking engine that’s powering this.  Unfriendly and not easy to use.  And again, I still can not select a hotel or find out what it is I am booking.

So is this one hotel, or more???

After more investigation online and a call to the reservations department, I find out that actually they only have one hotel open in Birmingham, and not the range of properties I thought there would be to choose from.  Also, the London hotel mentioned in their strapline is not open – so there is actually only one hotel your able to book.  This is very disappointing, especially as the website misleads you into thinking this is an established, multiple property hotel chains, not one singular property.

Nite Nite have obviously spent some money in marketing themselves and building a website, but it’s misleading and inaccurate.  Hotels – if your going to create your brand from scratch, make sure all the information you display is 100% accurate, or you will face customers loosing trust in your brand.  Ensure that your online booking tool is up to date, clear and easy to use!

I’m impressed with the product concept of Nite Nite – adding those extras such as the free wi-fi, water etc that so many properties exclude or charge for is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition, of which there are many rivals in this part of the world.  But if you’re not ready to open your other properties and locations – don’t include them in your strapline and marketing materials.


One thought on “Nite Nite

  1. Good post, a strong brand concept here. I often see smaller properties trying to stretch the truth a little to prove that they’re a chain, when i don’t think it’s really necessary. Also, i agree, the booking engine is very poor.

    They seem to be getting very good reviews on TripAdvisor, so they’re obviously doing something right.

    I really think that the 2- and 3-star space is where it’s happening in hospitality these days, especially in terms of innovative branding. Everything in luxury has been done!

    A couple of my clients, and are putting out strong offerings in this space.

    Anyway, a great post, keep them coming.

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