Premier Inn continues development

In July we saw the announcement that Premier Inn hotel content would be made available through the Amadeus GDS, predominantly to attract inbound guests from outside the UK to its properties.  Today, we can see that Premier Inn are expanding their business model in Qatar after signing a joint venture agreement with Dohaland Hospitality.

Currently, both parties plan to invest in building a brand new hotel in Doha Education City.

Premier Inn (Whitbread) are really expanding fast.  More and more hotels are opening in the UK & Ireland and they now have something close to 600 properties in their portfolio, making them the largest UK hotel chain.  They also have an overseas hotel in Dubai – the success of which has obviously made them take further steps to expand in the region by signing this joint venture agreement with Dohaland Hospitality.

This growth is not just a focus in building more hotels and restaurants – it seems to be an all round focus, looking at distribution and growing sales to support their expansion.  Distributing their content on a GDS makes good sense – what better way to position your prices and availability with every other leading player and grow your name outside of the UK?  Surely this will not just happen with Amadeus GDS, but Travelport and Sabre too.

When Premier Inn hit the market, many wondered how they would overtake the other budget players in the market, especially Travelodge.  But quickly, they have built a reputation on good value for money, and a name you can trust.  And at exactly the right time.  I don’t think there is another hotel chain, certainly in the UK, that has benefited from the global economic climate.  Corporate travellers switching from four and five star hotels to mid-scale “budget” properties has no doubt helped Premier Inn become a firm favorite, especially with TMCs.

So the development story continues…


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