Starwood Growth

I mentioned a few months ago about the impressive number of new properties currently in development across the Starwood brands.  I took a closer look today and the number continues to grow right across the globe.  If you check their website you can see just how many hotels are being redeveloped or built along with the estimated opening dates, with a huge amount scheduled to come online in 2011 and 2012.

We have also discussed that all the major hotel chains are heavily investing in the Far East, and as you can see, this is no different for Starwood.  Just look at how many white dots there are in the region, especially China, with five properties coming online within the next three months


One thought on “Starwood Growth

  1. Starwood growth is indeed very impressive. During years they concentrated on the development of the Sheraton brand and planted flags everywhere with it. The Sheraton brand is perfectly positioned to develop fast in non mature markets such as the Far East. Upscale (but not luxury), limited hardware brand standards so no limitations or conflicts with Asian owners so was used to establish the Starwood reputation. And easy to understand brand promise. As the Far East market is getting more mature they see opportunities to start developing some of their other brands such as W, St Regis Four Points or Aloft. This is the segmentation phase.. The other interesting thing is how they managed to re-imagine the Le Meridien brand and bring it back to life while it was dying and fully integrate it within the Starwood portfolio. More here about the power of global brands

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