Company Focus – Pegasus Solutions

‘Company Focus’ is a new series of posts that will appear here on the Hotel Insight blog, and as the name suggests, will focus of various hotel related companies.  These may be key players in the hospitality industry or new start-ups with new concepts and ideas, interesting travel websites I’ve found online, representation companies, marketing, distribution and technology companies or even independent and well know hotel chains.

Today’s focus is Pegasus Solutions – a key player in hotel distribution.  Probably best know for developing the first “Switch” technology, connecting hotel, travel providers and distributors to the travel industry.  The best example of this can been seen in the GDS, where Pegasus are involved in “switching” hotel content from providers into the GDS.  But Pegasus also have many other solutions available other than distribution such as reservations, financial and representation services.

Pegasus’ presence in the hospitality industry is huge:

  • 86,000 properties represented around the world
  • Largest third-party marketing and reservation providers in the world
  • Pegasus service the 10 largest US travel agencies and 8 of the top 10 agencies in the UK
  • Over a thousand websites have their hotel reservations powered by Pegasus 

Pegasus provide Central Reservation Systems (CRS) for hotels to handle reservations as well as providing the necessary connections to enable those properties to connect to GDS and other alternative distribution systems (ADS).  Pegasus also offer a solution for travel agencies to track and gather commission payments from hotels, something that has historically caused travel agencies a real headache for many years.  It’s even thought that around 45-50% of all owed hotel commissions never get paid.

So whether you’re an independent hotel, multi-national hotel chain, hotel booking agent or intermediary, you will in some way have come across Pegasus and their services, even if you were not directly aware.  To some up, Pegasus really are a market leader and very innovative company and one that has for years lead the way in their field.

GDS bookings rise – Pegasus

There seems to be a recovery in the business travel market, as hotel technology specialist Pegasus Solutions revealed that they have seen a 34.3% increase in global revenue for bookings made though GDS’s.  They also report that the average daily ate in the GDS has also increased, by something like 5.5%.


3 thoughts on “Company Focus – Pegasus Solutions

  1. Hi,
    Do you know a basic overview of how content arrives from a hotel into the GDS? Something I’ve always wondered as a TA.
    Cheers, Paul

    • Hi Paul,
      Sorry for the delay in replying to you. The process works something like this –


      That’s a very basic idea – I can email you something much more details if you wish!

  2. Thanks, Hotel Insight’s, for the very complimentary profile on Pegasus Solutions. In answer to your question, Paul, you might look at the late June issue of Hotel & Motel Management magazine, in which we collaborated with Jason Freed for an article outlining the anatomy of a booking. It contains details about how content is provided by hotels and distributed to the GDSs and ADSs (online travel sites). Additionally, Hospitality Upgrade will feature an article about Pegasus as the “Distribution Workhorse” at HITEC that may offer some insight. Feel free to email me if you’d like the longer story though!

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