Huge growth scheduled for Sheraton

I was checking the Sheraton website today and decided to look at their news on new hotels and was staggered at the amount of new properties in the pipeline.  Some have already opened this year, such as the Sheraton Brooklyn New York Hotel, Sheraton Hsinchu Taiwan, Sheraton Qiandao Lake Resort & Sheraton Hohhot Hotel in China, Sheraton Nah Trang Hotel & Spa, Sheraton Rhodes Resort, Sheraton Fuschisee-Salzberg, Sheraton Batumi Hotel and Sheraton Bratislava Hotel. 

As well as these, there are details on their website of a further 42 hotels planned to open between now and 2012 – that’s some growth programme and shows the strength of the Sheraton brand.  It’s also good to see these are not all mainstream destinations – they are opening up content in countries you don’t often hear that much about in terms of established well know chains, such as Libya, rural China etc.  Some of these new opening include: 

Sheraton Albuquerque, New Mexico – opening September 2010 

Sheraton Red Deer Hotel, Alberta Canada – opening September 2010 

Sheraton Tripoli, Libya – opening April 2011 

23 Sheraton’s opening across China! 

Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort – opening July 2012 

Sheraton Cartagena, Columbia – opening January 2011 

Sheraton Riga, Latvia – opening June 2011 

Sheraton Mazury Lakes Resort, Poland – opening 2012 

For a full list and further details, visit the Sheraton website: 

Above: Newly opened Sheraton Brooklyn, New York

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