Other hotel blogs….

If you search well enough, you will find plenty of people blogging about hotels and the hospitality industry. From well seasoned travelers, to hoteliers and technology companies. I thought it would be useful to share with you some of my favorite blogs that I read regularly, I hope you enjoy these as much as me.

www.hotel-blogs.com Above all, this is the one I read the most, written by a really passionate guy who lives and breathes the hospitality industry. He posts a real variety of articles on this blog and touches so many subjects and issues that the hotel industry faces. If you only check out one of these blogs, make it this one.

www.sellfaster.wordpress.com Another hotel blog that I read as often as possible (and keep up with their tweets!) is this blog which is run by Amadeus Hotels in the UK. As a fan of technology, I find this particularly interesting as they talk about their new products and how to get the best out of what they currently offer. It’s not just all about Amadeus GDS though, they post really interesting articles on general hotel property news too. Always very interesting to read.

www.hotel-girl.com Not always updates as regularly as the last two blogs I’ve spoken about, but still worth a look now and again. This blog focusses on hotel property news and reviews, with its editors often out checking out new renovations and hotel openings.

www.aluxurytravelblog.com The name says it all, a really interesting read.

A few other blogs of note:

www.happyhotelier.com www.blogs.ft.com/techblog www.hospitalityebusiness.com/blog www.thelobby.com


One thought on “Other hotel blogs….

  1. I too read many blogs, so thanks for sharing these. I already read Sell Faster… really good blog to hear what GDS are doing as well as industry news. I think this is UK based and seems to very unique in that no other countries have anything similar.
    P.S – your blog is very informative also!

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