Photography..sparking a journey of discovery

Photography plays a major part in the travel industry.  Be it photos in brochures enticing people in to booking their summer holiday or even images of products and services, photography is a big talking point in travel.  Getting it right is vital.  After all, would you book a holiday if the photo online was not impressive?  Probably not.

What’s the first thing we all do on our holidays?  We arrive in a new place that we have never seen before, and we snap away!  It’s a habit – creating an ever lasting memory of our travels to look back on and show off to all our friends and family back home.  Gone are the days you had a 24 photo roll of film and only took the important pictures – it’s now snap, review and delete!  And now with digital cameras and camcorders widely available at a good price, it’s made it even easier for us to snap away and take some remarkable pictures. 

I have known hotels spend thousands of pounds developing a portfolio of photo’s of their property to really entice people in – getting it right is a must, and is therefore big business.  Gone are the days where whoever contracted the property for the tour operator took a few shots on his/her way around so they could be in the latest brochure.  Hotels now control this process and usually supply their own portfolio of pictures and actively get involved on how their property is marketed and portrayed. 

And it’s not just stunning photos of beaches and swimming pools.  Everything is photographed for the travel industry.  Spa facilities, bedrooms, balconies, bathrooms, even the kids clubs!  As a traveller, we expect to see exactly what we are going to get.  Travel websites have played a huge part in this, with many operators now offering virtual tours of hotels, rooms and facilitieson their websites.  Travellers can now also review other peoples photos before they even travel on such websites as Tripadvisor.  Hotels always have to look their best – who knows when they might appear online for everyone to see!  But surely the best job in travel must be the well travelled professional photographer, who’s job is to take photo after photo of paradise.  Any vacancies, please let me know! 

I have been asked several times by viewers of this blog where the picture at the top of the page comes from.  Where is it and who took it?  Well to solve the curiosity it was taken a year ago in the tiny Greek town of Assos in Kefalonia.  I am no professional photographer but do have an interest in taking a good picture and over my years of travelling I have taken a number of shots I can be proud off (and happily show off to anyone who will look!).  (this refers to old blog page)

Interactive.  That’s exactly what a blog should be.  So it would be fantastic if anyone wanted to share their proudest travel photos with us!  Please feel free to email them through to Travel Industry Insight at and we can take a look!  Of course, anything that’s sent in will not go any further, and there may be a small prize for our favorite!


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