How can your business benefit from social media?

Social Media.  It’s in the news a lot these days.  Especially the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  Many of you are probably signed up to such services and enjoy “tweeting” and “poking” your community of friends.  But how can these sights help your travel business?  More and more travel industry companies are using social media websites to not only promote their products and services, but to fully interact with their customers and business partners.

If you join Twitter and search for famous travel industry brands you will be surprised how many are using this medium.  For example, Amadeus are on Twitter, along with Hilton on Facebook and Opus Hotels but to name a few.

Facebook Logo

With this new media channel opening up, it is vital that your business reserve the name of the page so that other people can not take it first or miss-use it.  After all, there is nothing worse than bad publicity and let’s face it – if your business name is already taken and you have to settle for second best, it’s not the right image from the off.


Blog’s are of course part of this social media revolution.  This very blog is the perfect way to reach out to our growing number of followers and express views and opinions about the travel industry.  I receive so many messages of support for the blog as well as thought provoking questions and opinions which means I truly get to debate and interact with the people who these blog’s are aimed at.

Technology plans a major part in the world of the travel industry, and change has be embraced with open arms.  Sometimes, a change in technology provider in your business, adding new software to manage your daily workload or even adding a new dimension to promotion of your brand can make all the difference.  And this is what social media can do for your company.  A free and instant way to interact with the people the matter.

Social media is all about building a relationship with the people that matter to your business.  Do this right, and the benefits are illustrious.

Thanks for listening.


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