Travel technology, or a gadget too far?

As promised, here is our first blog article about travel technology, and what a massive topic to try and cover with any justice.  Technology plays such a big part in travel, be it customer facing or trade facing.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about as much of the latest technology as I can, starting this week with one of the funnest topics, Apps!  Apps have totally revolutionised the way travel products and services are presented to consumers, especially on the move.

Here are a few of my favorite Apps.

Accor – There are a lot of hotel app’s out there, but Accor have done well with this one.  Free (always the best) and really interactive, you can do a lot with this App and with Accor covering so many well know brands accross the world, you really can make use of this application.  Be it searching for hotels, availability or making a bookings, this App’s to easy to use and really sells the properties to the user.  There’s also a handy promotions section and a page to log-in and view your reservations.

Hilton – Hilton have several App’s covering various brands, but their main App has been really well developed and has a great “flow” to it.  Searh for hotels near by or around the world and manage bookings online.  Check out Hilton’s mobile site as well.


Amadeus’ Check My Trip – A new App not long released, Amadeus have come up trumps with this one.  Their first App, and I think it’s going to be a real success.  So many people view their travel details view their website and now it’s even easier through this App.  Enter your reservation number (Amadeus GDS bookings only) and up pops your itinerary.  Simple, easy.  Great for travellers on the go.

Travelocity – Book hotels, air, manage trips and explore desintations – the Travelocity App has it all.  They even have links to Facebook, Twitter and You Tube on this App, and the data returned from searches is presented as if you were just browsing online, bringing their online contenct right to your phone/iPod.


Tripit – Tripit have developed a way to view all your travel plans in one place – and have made it so easy to share and manage your travel plans.  Check out their website, for more information and give it a try.  the mobile App supports their website perfectly.

Tripadvisor Local Picks – I’m a fan.  I can’t hide it and have always loved Trip Advisor.  Who doesn’t use their website to check-out their hotels before they go?  I know I do (whether I listen to the traveller opinions or not is another matter!).  Tripadvisor have developed this App not for hotels, but for Restauarants all over the world.  Check it out and see – you’ll be as addicted to this as the hotel website!



OneWorld – The OneWorld Alliance have launched an App, and really, it’s just worth a mention.  It’s pretty self expalnitory what you’ll find here – but it’s the only Alliance based App I’ve found.



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